"Let It Be" - John/Paul

Okay, wow. This place is fucking dead! Maybe this will get things going...? I hope, haha.

Well, I haven't written in over a year, and though I have started a few things in the past couple of weeks, this is the first complete thing that I've written. I read this interview with Yoko this morning when I came into work and something that she said just triggered a story within me, and so here we go.

I know that it's not really the best, but I've been writing this between mountains of work today, haha. So, please. Bear with me, haha.

Title: Let It Be
Pairing: Implied John/Paul, Implied John/Yoko, Kinda, sorta implied Paul/Yoko
Rating: PG
Word count of story: 679
Chapter _ of _: 1 of 1
Brief summary: A conversation over coffee.

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It must be the first bit of summer heat getting us all down -- looks like we're still dead even after georgeh's pep talk. (Come on, people! Where'd the enthusiasm go?) Clearly, we need some inspiration. Presenting: a challenge, to get us all writing again!

It's a well-known fact that warm weather agrees with Ringo (shirtless Miami beach photo, anyone?), so let's get Mr. Starkey some summer lovin'.

spinalcracker's Beach!Ringo Fic Challenge! (Woohoo!)
Setting: Miami, 1964
Characters: Must principally involve Ringo and any other character(s) of the author's choice
Words which must be used at least once: jellyfish, sunscreen, stranded, overreacting
Length: Between 500 and 2,000 words
Deadline: Monday, June 13, 2005

Be creative! ...Or don't. Just write! ;)
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"Bad Boy," J/P

Title: Bad Boy (For lack of a better title)
Pairing: John/Paul (Of course)
Rating: NC-17
Word count of story: 1,000 exactly, haha.
Chapter _ of _: 1 of 1
Brief summary: John. Paul. Fun in a girls' lavatory.
Warnings: Some sex, some swearing.
Notes: Written for the application needed this community. :) Requirements: include the line "glowed in the moonlight" and the word "forsaken" and be between 250-1000 words long.

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I suppose I'll start this thing

Pairing: John/George
Author Name: George H.
Author LJ Name: georgeh
Title of story: Snowy Night
Rating of story: PG-13
Word count of story: 344
Chapter _ of _: 1 of 1
Brief summary: John and George admire the snow.
Notes: One instance of the f-word.
Notes: Written for the application needed this community. :) Requirements: include the line "glowed in the moonlight" and the word "forsaken" and be between 250-1000 words long.

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Sgt. Pepper

Now accepting applications.

I figure I'd better make the first public post on the community just to say that while this is a closed community we are now accepting applications for writers interested in joining this community. So if you think you've got what it takes, please read the community information and then head over to reeperbahnmods to work on and submit your application! And thanks for your interest! We hope to soon be providing readers with good, quality fanfiction. Please know that if you'd like to just read the fanfiction all you need to do is to add this community -- membership is for writers only! Thanks so much for your interest, whether you're applying or just watching!

George H.
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